Spiritless, but not depressed. Somewhat bored despite exciting people in the area. Have I lost the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary? Would that help to rekindle my inner torch?

What I am used to has become so familiar. I often forget to be grateful just like that. How can I digest the lessons of life and perhaps even see positive qualities in something that seems wrong when I don’t even know how to appreciate the obvious right circumstances?

Well, my consciousness is limited. But I can work on it. However, it will still be limited. It’s clear to me that the spectrum of impressions contains much more than I can comprehend. Similar to the inability of my consciousness to recognize all sensual impressions, my psyche is deaf in many areas, very deaf. Feeling gratitude is a matter of the moment, isn’t it? It is also a question of the focus set. How can I get there when I only see the unpleasant?

I have to learn to be curious again and to enter the terrain of the unknown. Thus the torch in me ignites itself. I have more light to see what is there and my spectrum suddenly becomes much more interesting.

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